Unlock the Protector inside your child!

Arm your child with the mindset and skillset to protect themselves as they navigate an uncertain world online and offline.

  • ​Certified Protection Professional: Board certified by ASIS in security
  • Over 2 decades of Public and Private Service:  Retired undercover police detective, private investigator, author of numerous public safety textbooks.
  • Stop Worrying and Take Action: Your child can learn life-saving skills in a safe and fun environment.
  • Certified Police and Professional Instructor:  1000's of hours of training to investigators, private citizens and children. 



"My child loved the videos and the content was age appropriate"


"The hands-on activities are a nice option for my kids to learn rather than just screen time learning "


"I have to admit that I was having as much fun as my kids on some of the real-world missions"


"I am not tech-savvy and have no idea what to do to keep my kids safe online, Darin provided what he calls 'strategies and tactics' to protect my kids online"


Hi, I'm Darin Fredrickson, CPP

I have devoted my life to fighting evil in its many forms. I spent over twenty-years shadowing criminals involved in just about any crime you can imagine from homicide to petty thieves that weren't actually that petty.

I am a father of a dozen kiddos, a husband and business partner to an amazing woman named Mary, an author of numerous public safety books, and a retired undercover detective. Additionally, Mary and I have been licensed private investigators and certified Fitness Instructors for over a decade. Lets just say we have an extreme passion for health and fitness! 

After  experiencing the fragileness and evolving confusion of our society during the past couple years, I realized a significant number of kids have been affected and many of them will never fully recover. I also realized that our nation's kids often lack confidence, preparation, and awareness to navigate an increasingly dangerous online and offline world safely.

Nevertheless, I have hope for our kids, yet that starts with us parents. We have to have greater influence than the negative and destructive influences that are intentionally targeting our children. 

I hope you join me in this crusade to prepare our children for the future and build the resilience in them that will help them weather any storms that may be on the horizon.

I am excited about the Real Spy Kids Academy that I developed to provide instruction to children in a safe and fun way! Kids become Special Agents and a member of a like-minded community to learn spy tradecraft, police procedures & investigations, and street tactics to build confidence and skills that can keep them safe! Finally, they are obtainable in one place...The Real Spy Kids Academy!

Kids will get to know other like-minded kids in a safe community area that parents are encouraged to monitor and learn from as well. Although I am hesitant to encourage any child to get caught up in social media, this online environment will provide me the means to relate Real life stories and experiences with your children in an age-appropriate manner.

Most humans learn and remember best through storytelling, and there will be no shortage of stories...

Feel free to try it RISK FREE for 30 days. If I don't deliver to your child, or it's not a fit, cancel...

Thank you!! 
Darin Fredrickson, CPP
Spy Master 

Books Authored by Darin D. Fredrickson, CPP


Real spy Kids Briefs Section

The Launch of Real Spy Kids Academy

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Hybrid training - Online and Offline

  • ​Course Area: Our products are delivered immediately
  • ​Community Area: Private community for like-minded kids to meet other spy kids and share ideas and stories.
  • ​Online and Offline Learning: Kids learn through videos, activities and stories, and monthly receive a print newsletter and a hands-on activity.

"Darin is a security professional you can trust with your kids. He is well spoken, kids love him, and his content is age appropriate. My kids are more confident and I am more confident they are better prepared to deal with a crisis or dangerous encounter. Because it's true, I can't be with them 24/7"

Lisha S., CA

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